Digital Location management

Bescene leverages the power of the above sites, maps, and apps to dominate local, video, GPS, and mobile searches.

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The Power of Location | together we can go places -

Bescene helps harness the power of people looking for your services whether online or on mobile phones -Right NOW!

Increasingly, we’re seeing directories and listing services offer services such as click-to-call, click-to-directions, and other features that are clearly targeted for a mobile-first audience. Mobile is the ultimate in local search; with geocoding and location-based services dominating the app market, marketers must take location and mobile into account.

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Business Services and Listings: Better Together

Leverage the power of location to drive more customers to your doorstep — and give them an outstanding experience while they're in your locations and after they've left.Whether you have 1 location or 10,000, Bescene's solution helps you maximize your home field advantage.


People Are Local 

There’s no hiding that truth.

People might constantly be online, they might be sharing details of their lives with personalities across the world, but ultimately people are local. They shop local. They eat local. They live local. That means that no matter how big or small our world becomes, local will continue to be the operative word when it comes to local online presence.


Effective Digital Presence Management

Bescene handles four key areas that will secure your Online Presence with 65+ Syndication Sites to help gain new customers, keep existing customers, even help with displeased customers. 

• Listings Management
• Store Pages/Store Locator Management
• Local/Social Media Management
• Reviews/Reputation Management

We ensure that your customers can easily find you whether at their home, on their mobile device, or in their car.

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Bescene transforms and shifts perspectives and gets the world talking, sharing, texting and posting, about you and your business.

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