Frenquently Asked Questions | FAQ's

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  • What if I don't have an existing website?

    No worries! Bescene's web developers will work closely with you, making sure you and your site are aligned with todays industry standards in mind. We'll work with you to add the rest of your content, your logo, colors, etc. once you become a Bescene Member.

  • Is my first website version really free? 

    Absolutely! Whether you have an existing website or not, Bescene is continually one step ahead of technology and implementing new technology to your website constantly.

  • What is 4K HD Video?

    4K is an up-and-coming video technology that promises a better quality picture when people are watching a video or movie. It's 4x's the current industry standard of 1080p or "Full HD".  Request a quick Demo Below

  • What is a Responsive & Dynamic Website? 

    In April 2015, Google made a pre-announced update to the algorithm that ranks mobile search results. A website’s mobile friendliness is a confirmed ranking signal for mobile search rankings. Bescene goal is to position you and your business in a way that would get the most exposure as possible. Request a quick demo Below!

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