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Effective Date: January 12th, 2016

What information is collected from users of this website, and how is it collected?

Bescene, Inc. collects personally identifying information from our users during online registration and online purchasing. Generally, this information includes names, postal addresses, fax numbers, and email addresses for registration purposes; and names, phone numbers, fax numbers, postal addresses, and credit card information when purchasing one or more products. All of this information is provided to us by the user or purchaser. It is collected via opt-in forms and advertising tracking devices that may place or capture harmless cookies on users’ computers. Bescene, Inc. will only use cookies to view information on your hard drive that was put there by a cookie from this website.

Bescene, Inc. may also collect user data as provided by its ISP or server, as well as analytics data from third-party service providers. Such data includes your geographical location and IP address.

Bescene, Inc. may also collect and store the username and login password (a.k.a. PIN or “Bescene”) that you invent during registration.

Bescene, Inc. only contacts those who specifically request and agree that it does so, or in the event that an individual or entity has purchased one of its products.

To whom is the information disclosed, and for what purpose?

The above-described information is purposefully disclosed to Bescene, Inc., its independent contractor salespersons, and third-party processors, which may include credit card processors, third-party advertising tracking software, third-party broadcast fax/telephone companies, and third-party autoresponder/e-mailing software. As of the date of this writing, the only known entities that receive the user’s information are Bescene, Inc. and Google, Inc.. The information is used for marketing purposes and for delivering products and services that users have purchased.

The above-described information may also be disclosed to governments, in the event of an official subpoena or if requested by a governmental authority in connection with the prosecution of a crime.

The above-described information may also be shared with those who make Digital Millennium Copyright Act claims or rebuttals (as described in the Terms of Service) or their attorneys.

The above-described information may be disclosed to the public if Bescene, Inc. is involved in litigation and the information is requested during discovery proceedings.

How and where is a user’s information stored?

User information is stored electronically, using third-party mailing list servers, computer databases, cookies, and email sent to Bescene, Inc.. User information is stored on third-party tracking services, third-party list servers, third-party shopping cart providers, third-party merchant account providers, and on Bescene, Inc.’s office computers. The third-party services in use at the time of this writing are: Google Analytics. Your information is accessed by those who help manage fax, phone, mail, and email lists in order to deliver messages to those who have agreed to receive them. Your information is also accessed by the officers of Bescene, Inc. in order to create site visitation metrics reports for company meetings. Your information is also accessed by independent contractors, hired by Bescene, Inc., to solicit you for sales or survey purposes. Cookies are stored on your computer and not on this site.

How can a user delete or change the information described above?

Users can unsubscribe from further emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link located in each email. Fax newsletter subscribers may unsubscribe by following the directions found on each fax. To otherwise delete or change a name, email address, postal address, or other information, users may e-mail us using an email address that is on file with us, if possible. You may e-mail us at this address: If users would like to delete or change cookies, users may use the free version of ad-aware at, or users may delete or change cookies by manipulating web browser settings, if their web browser allows this.


This policy may be changed at any time at Bescene, Inc.’s discretion. If Bescene, Inc. should update this policy, it will post the updated policy on this web page or at a link on Please check the “Effective Date” posted at the top of the Privacy Policy web page that you are viewing to determine which version you are agreeing to.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please e-mail You may obtain a free email account through , or

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